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Develop a Stewardship Plan for Your Parish

Take part in the Grateful Disciples Process

What’s happening?

A process titled Grateful Disciples is being offered to interested parishes wanting to develop a formal stewardship plan. This process will be led by Leisa Anslinger, Associate Director for Pastoral Life. Leisa has implemented this process in several dioceses across the country.

There is NO COST to participate

Why stewardship? Stewardship is the means by which parishes become vital communities of faith. Forming people as disciples who live their lives as good stewards enriches the lives of parishioners and contributes to parish transformation. Parishioners will recognize their lives, talents, faith, and resources as gifts from God, entrusted to them to steward well. By stewarding our many blessings, we make them fruitful, grow as missionary disciples, and integrate faith into daily life in a deeply meaningful way.

What is Grateful Disciples? Grateful Disciples is a process of formation and equipping for parish leaders in order to build a culture of stewardship in the parish.

Who will be involved? Grateful Disciples is primarily a process of formation for parish stewardship committees, pastoral and finance councils, or other groups designated by the pastor.

How will this be carried out? The process begins with a one-day workshop and continues with monthly web-based meetings through which parish leaders develop a stewardship plan for their parish. Parish teams will use the Grateful Disciples workbook developed by Leisa (copies will be provided to participants), and will have access to all support and coaching throughout the process.

For questions or to sign-up for the Grateful Disciples process, send an email to David Kissell in the Stewardship Department at dkissell@CatholicCincinnati.org.