Data Gathering Request Resources

Recent Update – 11/20/2020

Please see the resources below for those working to complete the data gathering request. If you need further help, plan to attend one or more of our upcoming November Zoom meetings and/or reach out to our technical experts listed below.

Thank you for all you are doing. Your work is critical to the success of this process.

Pastoral Planning Office – Rob Brock



  • Data Gathering Instructions for Parish Staff – This file will be enhanced/updated the week of Oct 26th.  Please check back.
  • Financial Information
    If your parish using Parishsoft Accounting PartnersEdge will be able to obtain the financials directly from Parishsoft*Financial data-detailed financial reports for Parish and School. If you do not use Parishsoft Accounting please proceed with pulling financial data as previously instructed
  • Parishioner giving and household address information
    For those on the new Gabriel Database System there are available reports for you to pull this data. To access the report contact Bill Maly at 513-263-3354 for specific instructions. If you do not use Gabriel Database System please proceed with pulling parishioner giving data from your church management system.
  • Why do we need address information for parishioners and students?
    The consultant team working for the Archdiocese (who is under a nondisclosure and confidentiality agreement) does need this information, but there are several safeguards that will keep it from being associated with a specific person, family, or household. The consultants are doing a very detailed set of analyses of all parishes/schools, which will include aggregate maps or “heat maps” (think of either COVID maps you have seen, or even the election results when displayed at both state and county level). They will be able to provide our pastors, staffs, principals and Archdiocese teams “current reality” reports on the health, vitality, and “Catholicity” of each parish. The data exports they are requesting will have NO NAMES but address, city, state, & zip initially associated with it. Your parish (either you or your pastor) will send the export file to your dean who will forward it to the project team. Once the consultants receive the files they “geo-code” the addresses which turns them from a street address into a latitude and longitude. They will then delete the address information, and the data will from that point on only be associated with a lat/long. Once this is done, the consultants can analyze the data versus state demographic information (census and other sources) to compare our data to “census” block data – neighborhoods. These comparisons are done in aggregate form (an average of your parishioners in that neighborhood to the neighborhood as a whole). The resulting maps, tables, and other reports therefore will be at an aggregated level to show the distribution of your parishioners and/or school students compared to the census block data.

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